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Westate Saffiano Leather Watch Case  - 'Parchment'

Westate Saffiano Leather Watch Case - 'Parchment'


The Westate Saffiano Leather Watch Case offers an ingenious way to securely store your watch. Designed to perfectly hold watches from all major manufacturers like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, the soft inner shell contours to any bracelet. The soft padding on the sides and secure snap closure provide the exceptional drop protection you’ll need to store your watch at home or carry it while traveling, stress-free.


Crafted with luxurious Saffiano Leather on the outside and lined with silky-soft plush suede on the inside, this watch case effortlessly complements your timepiece.


Elegantly fashioned, the Westate Saffiano Leather Watch Case is a must-have for any watch aficionado.

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